This beauty named Cailey reached out to me with a request for her senior portraits. She had a vision, too!

The first part of her vision was the location. She described that she wanted a location with florals, beautiful scenery, and an elevated level of elegance. After sharing with her a list of several locations that met differing parts of her vision, she then asked for details about the Montaluce Winery and Vineyards, nestled in the North Georgia mountains, in Dahlonega. Although Cailey had never visited Montaluce before, you could hear the passion in her voice when talking about it. This made narrowing down the venue that much easier...Montaluce Winery and Vineyards it was and I am so glad.

We planned for a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Cailey gravitated to Montaluce Winery partly due to the elegant architecture of the buildings. Sitting on over 400 beautiful acres, there are countless breathtaking views, both with the architecture and overlooking the vineyards. It leaves you feeling like you've traveled the world in just one location.

Those eyes though!!! Cailey's eyes draw you immediately into her photos. She has a softness, yet fierceness, that is ever so captivating. Whether she's smiling or serious, you gravitate to her eyes instantly.

To start her session, we began at the front entrance into the main winery and restaurant. Cailey wore a long black dress, elevating it's style for a more formal look with gold accessories. Her thick locks of hair were perfectly curled to frame her face.

The front entrance has several unique spots that are opportune for photos with floral backdrops. The greenery backdrop here is just so ethereal.

We got a few more photos in front on the steps, surrounded by vibrantly colored florals.

I always ask clients if they have any particular props they would like to bring and offer several additional ones for them to select from based on their session type. Cailey chose a lovely arrangement of florals that blended the eloquence of the winery with her attire.

The front steps and door entrance to the winery is aesthetically pleasing. From the vibrant florals and greenery to the dark and moody doors, this place has the best of both worlds.

After taking photos at the entrance, we then headed inside to capture a few photos on the stairs before going to the balcony overlooking the vineyard. Here, you're able to enjoy a breathtaking view of forest, pond, and grape vines. There's also a quaint little outdoor garden area to enjoy a delicious meal.

This Taylor Swift loving girl is also headed to University of North Georgia in the fall to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse. On the trip up to Montaluce, she was able to see just what all was around and local to the Dahlonega area. She was thrilled to be able to spend the day in the area.

The iconic wall offers the perfect backdrop to any photo and with the vibrant roses in full bloom, so we were sure to snag some there as well.

Next, we headed on down to the beautiful oak tree on the property. This is a staple when taking photos at this venue and Cailey was stunning with her long locks of hair.

The pond has a perfect little path around its perimeter and offers varying backdrop views of forest, the winery, and the vineyards. Next, we moved on to the vineyard.

Since she had not yet received her cap, gown, and tassel, Cailey opted for an alternative approach to celebrate this milestone: a confetti cannon. But...a confetti cannon filled with dried rose petals. The lush colors of deep reds and pinks added a gorgeous contrast.

The final part of our session ended with a wardrobe change. Cailey changed into a lovely pastel lilac dress that complimented her skin tone. The floral arrangement was actually planned in coordination of this dress as well. We headed back to the stunning entrance and snapped some more photos there. During Cailey's booking, she indicated that she wanted a gallery blended of rich color and black and white photos. I just love how the black and whites turned out as well.

Congratulations to this sweet girl on her high school graduation. She's going places in life and will accomplish great things!

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