Trailblaze your life with intention by eloping

Traditional weddings have a LOT of moving parts, especially the larger they are. It’s ever so easy to get stressed, distracted, and everything is a blur which leaves you not embracing the specialty of your day. It can create an abundance of material waste, and get caught up in expectations that are not your own.  All of these stressors are things that you absolutely should not experience on your wedding day.

When choosing to elope, you are choosing to weed out all the details down to what matters to you most. You make room in your day for embracing the smallest of details to the larger ones, immersing yourself in activities that you actually care about, removing those that you don't.

With that extra space in your day, you can live it intentionally. You can give yourself the room to rest and to breathe so that you can open yourself fully to your authentic self, our magnificent earth, and your deep connection with your beloved. 

You Deserve More Than a Rushed & Minimized 


The common misconception about eloping is the essence of time. Many believe that because of the style of wedding, it leaves you with a rushed, less than memorable day. On the contrary, it leaves you with just the opposite.

Did you rush your love story? Did you minimize it below its worth? Absolutely not! You took your time together, embracing one another, resting in your relationship to fully immerse yourself together.  

Your elopement deserves the same time, respect, and attention because it’s a representation that radiates outward of your love story. 

An all-day elopement might sound odd at first, but when you’re focused less on a to-do list, and more intentionally on the experience of your day with one another, all of those stressors melt away and a positive shift translates. 

Your day shifts from accepting, compromising, and submitting to connecting and living with intention.

Intentionally enjoying | Intentionally experiencing | Intentionally loving | Intentionally being

Your wedding day should be your greatest adventure yet

As your photographer, I'm not posing you uncomfortably for hours on end in spots that I believe to be picturesque. Rather, I’m there to serve YOU, and to be ready at a moment's notice for whatever you two decide to do with your day. I don't believe in counting the hours just to be filled with uncomfortable pictures; this day is merely what you wish to do with those hours of coverage!

What can you do with those hours?

You can... 

Experience the sunrise or sunset together as a unit

Hike to a mountain top

Rock climb or kayak together

Dance by campfire or moonlight

Explore a new place together

Venture to a waterfall or riverside

Enjoy a relaxing picnic or prepare a charcuterie board

Have a first meal as a married unit prepped by a private chef

If this describes you, then let's chat and get your beautiful day booked!